Did you know that flint is an essential resource in RLcraft, with players needing it for various crafting recipes and tools? In this guide, you will discover different methods to obtain flint efficiently. One way is by mining gravel blocks, as there is a chance for flint to drop when broken. Another option is searching riverbeds, where flint can be found scattered amongst the stones. Additionally, breaking gravestones can yield flint, so keep an eye out for these eerie structures. If you're feeling brave, you can try killing zombies, as they occasionally drop flint upon defeat. Lastly, consider trading with villagers, as they might have flint available for exchange. With these strategies, you'll be well-equipped with flint in no time!

Key Takeaways

  • Gravel can be mined using a shovel to obtain flint, with a Fortune enchanted shovel increasing the chances.
  • Riverbeds are a good place to search for flint, especially in areas where the water flows rapidly.
  • Breaking gravestones may yield flint, but be prepared to defend yourself against hostile mobs.
  • Killing zombies can also provide a chance to obtain flint, especially with higher attack damage weapons and enchanted weapons.

Mining Gravel for Flint

To obtain flint in Rlcraft, you can start by mining gravel using a shovel. Gravel can be found in various locations, such as riverbeds, caves, or underground tunnels. When mining gravel, make sure to equip a shovel for faster and more efficient collection. Simply approach a gravel block, aim at it, and break it with your shovel. Each broken gravel block has a chance to drop flint. It's important to note that the drop rate for flint is not guaranteed, so you may need to mine several gravel blocks before obtaining flint. Additionally, using a Fortune enchanted shovel can increase the chances of getting flint from gravel. Remember to bring enough shovels and be patient, as acquiring flint through mining gravel may require time and perseverance.

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Searching Riverbeds for Flint

You can often find flint by searching riverbeds in Rlcraft. Riverbeds are a great source of flint as the water erodes the gravel, exposing the flint pieces. To increase your chances of finding flint, it's best to search in areas where the water flows rapidly, as it helps to separate the lighter gravel from the heavier flint. Once you locate a riverbed, carefully sift through the gravel using a shovel or your hands. Keep in mind that flint can be elusive, so be patient and thorough in your search. Below is a table to help you understand the emotions associated with finding flint in riverbeds:

Emotions Description
Excitement Discovering a hidden flint treasure.
Frustration Searching for hours with no luck.
Satisfaction Finally finding a piece of flint.
Curiosity Wondering what other treasures lie beneath the surface.

Happy hunting and may your riverbed searches yield plenty of flint!

Breaking Gravestones for Flint

Breaking gravestones in Rlcraft occasionally yields flint. This can be a useful method for acquiring this valuable resource in the game. Here are some key points to keep in mind when breaking gravestones:

  • Chance of success: Breaking gravestones does not guarantee flint every time, but there is a chance that you will find it.
  • Exploration: Look for gravestones in various locations, such as villages and dungeons, to increase your chances of finding flint.
  • Efficiency: Use a pickaxe to break the gravestones as it will yield better results and save you time.
  • Risk vs. reward: Breaking gravestones may attract hostile mobs, so be prepared to defend yourself while searching for flint.
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Killing Zombies for Flint

When encountering zombies in Rlcraft, you can obtain flint by killing them. Zombies in Rlcraft have a chance to drop flint upon death. It is important to note that not all zombies drop flint, so you may need to kill several before obtaining any. To increase your chances, it is recommended to use weapons with higher attack damage, such as swords or axes. Additionally, using enchanted weapons can also increase your chances of getting flint. Make sure to have a good armor set and enough health potions to survive the encounters with zombies, as they can be quite strong and deal significant damage. Keep killing zombies until you obtain the desired amount of flint for your crafting needs.

Trading With Villagers for Flint

To obtain flint in Rlcraft, you can trade with villagers. Villagers can provide a reliable source of flint through their trading system. Here are some tips on how to trade with villagers effectively:

  • Find a village: Explore your world and locate a village where villagers reside.
  • Locate the right villager: Look for a villager that is a fletcher or a mason. These villagers are more likely to offer flint in their trades.
  • Gather emeralds: Obtain emeralds by mining ores or trading with other villagers.
  • Trade with the villager: Approach the chosen villager and interact with them to open the trading interface. Look for their flint trade option and exchange your emeralds for flint.


In conclusion, obtaining flint in RLcraft can be accomplished through various methods such as mining gravel, searching riverbeds, breaking gravestones, killing zombies, or trading with villagers. By following these strategies, players can efficiently gather flint to craft essential tools and weapons in the game. With persistence and resourcefulness, you can master the art of acquiring flint and thrive in the RLcraft world.

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