Are you ready to reach the pinnacle of paragon goodness? In your quest to achieve a degree 100 paragon, you'll need to become the embodiment of virtue and righteousness. This guide will show you the path to attaining the highest level of paragon reputation in the most effective way possible. By understanding the intricacies of the Paragon System, making moral choices that align with paragon values, completing paragon-specific missions and side quests, building relationships through dialogue, and maximizing your paragon points with charm and intimidate options, you'll be well on your way to earning that coveted degree 100 paragon. So, let's dive in and unlock the true essence of paragon greatness!

Key Takeaways

  • The Paragon System allows players to continue leveling up after reaching the maximum character level.
  • Moral choices should align with the values of the Paragon System, focusing on compassion, justice, and selflessness.
  • Completing Paragon-specific missions and quests rewards players with experience points and valuable items, contributing to their Paragon score.
  • Building relationships and earning Paragon points through dialogue, including charm and intimidate options, can unlock additional benefits in the game.

Understand the Paragon System

To achieve Degree 100 Paragon, you must fully comprehend the intricacies of the Paragon System. The Paragon System is a progression system in certain video games that allows you to continue leveling up even after reaching the maximum character level. It provides you with additional bonuses and enhancements to your character's abilities. Understanding the Paragon System is crucial because it allows you to make informed decisions on how to allocate your Paragon points. These points can be used to improve specific attributes such as strength, vitality, or critical hit chance. By strategically distributing your Paragon points, you can customize your character to fit your preferred playstyle. Additionally, as you gain more Paragon levels, new options and abilities become available, further enhancing your character's power. So, take the time to grasp the intricacies of the Paragon System and maximize your potential.

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Make Moral Choices That Align With Paragon Values

Align your moral choices with the values of the Paragon System to progress towards Degree 100 Paragon. The Paragon System rewards players who consistently make decisions that uphold virtues such as compassion, justice, and selflessness. When faced with moral dilemmas, choose the option that promotes peace and harmony, demonstrates empathy towards others, and seeks to protect innocent lives. Avoid actions that promote violence, selfishness, or unnecessary harm. Each decision you make will contribute to your Paragon score, bringing you closer to the coveted Degree 100 Paragon. Remember that the Paragon System values integrity and the pursuit of a greater good. By aligning your moral compass with these values, you will demonstrate your commitment to being a true Paragon and earn the highest level of recognition within the system.

Complete Paragon-specific Missions and Side Quests

Continue progressing towards Degree 100 Paragon by actively participating in and completing missions and side quests specifically designed for Paragon players. These missions and side quests are tailored to align with the values and principles of a Paragon character, allowing you to further develop your virtuous reputation. By engaging in these Paragon-specific missions, you will have the opportunity to make choices that reflect your commitment to justice, compassion, and selflessness. Completing these quests will not only reward you with experience points and valuable items but also contribute significantly to your Paragon score. Here is a table highlighting some of the Paragon-specific missions and side quests you can undertake:

Mission Name Objective
Aiding the Innocent Protect and assist innocent civilians in danger
Justice for All Investigate and bring criminals to justice
Heroic Rescue Save hostages or individuals in life-threatening situations
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Complete these Paragon-specific missions and side quests to maximize your Paragon score and reach the coveted Degree 100 Paragon status.

Build Relationships and Earn Paragon Points Through Dialogue

As a Paragon player, you can strengthen your virtuous reputation and earn Paragon points by engaging in meaningful dialogue and building relationships with other characters in the game. Conversations with NPCs offer opportunities to express empathy, understanding, and compassion. Choose dialogue options that align with your Paragon values, such as promoting peace, justice, and selflessness. Building relationships with characters over time will unlock additional dialogue options and quests, allowing you to deepen your connections and make a positive impact on their lives. Remember to actively listen to their concerns, offer assistance whenever possible, and resolve conflicts peacefully. By consistently choosing Paragon dialogue options and nurturing relationships, you will accumulate Paragon points and progress towards achieving a Degree 100 Paragon status.

Maximize Paragon Points With Charm and Intimidate Options

To maximize your Paragon points, utilize charm and intimidate options during dialogue interactions. These options allow you to influence the outcome of conversations and gain additional Paragon points. Charm options are used to persuade others through diplomacy, empathy, and understanding. Intimidate options, on the other hand, rely on assertiveness and a show of power to get your desired outcome. By utilizing both charm and intimidate options strategically, you can maximize your Paragon points and unlock additional benefits in the game.

Charm Options Intimidate Options
Persuade Threaten
Flatter Coerce
Empathize Bully
Bargain Intimidate
Convince Dominate


In conclusion, achieving a degree of 100 Paragon in any game requires a deep understanding of the Paragon system, making moral choices aligned with Paragon values, completing Paragon-specific missions and side quests, building relationships, and earning Paragon points through dialogue. Additionally, maximizing Paragon points can be done by utilizing charm and intimidate options. By following these strategies, players can reach the highest level of Paragon and unlock its benefits in the game.

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