If you want to become alcohol certified with Shipt, there are a few steps you'll need to follow. First, you need to meet the eligibility requirements. Then, you'll need to go through the application process and complete the necessary training and certification. Once you're certified, you'll have to complete a test delivery to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Finally, it's important to know how to maintain your alcohol certification with Shipt. By following these steps, you'll be on your way to becoming a trusted and certified alcohol delivery shopper with Shipt.

Key Takeaways

  • Must meet eligibility requirements such as being at least 21 years old and having a valid driver's license
  • Complete the application process by submitting required documents and consenting to a background check
  • Undergo comprehensive training on alcohol delivery rules and regulations
  • Obtain certification by passing the final exam, allowing you to deliver alcohol as a Shipt shopper

Eligibility Requirements

To become eligible for alcohol certification on Shipt, you must meet certain requirements. First and foremost, you must be at least 21 years old to handle and deliver alcohol. Additionally, you need to possess a valid driver's license and have a clean driving record. Shipt requires its alcohol-certified shoppers to have a reliable mode of transportation, such as a car, scooter, or bicycle. It is important to note that you must also pass a background check, which includes a review of your criminal history and driving record. Shipt takes these measures to ensure the safety and responsibility of their alcohol delivery service. By meeting these eligibility requirements, you can become certified to deliver alcohol through Shipt and provide a convenient service to customers.

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Application Process

Complete the application process to become certified to deliver alcohol through Shipt. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful application:

  1. Visit the Shipt website: Go to the Shipt website and navigate to the section for alcohol delivery. Familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines before proceeding.
  2. Fill out the application form: Provide accurate and up-to-date information in the application form. This includes personal details, contact information, and any relevant experience or certifications.
  3. Submit required documents: Shipt may require you to submit certain documents, such as a valid driver's license and proof of age. Make sure to have these ready for submission.
  4. Complete the background check: Shipt conducts a thorough background check to ensure the safety and reliability of their alcohol delivery partners. Consent to the background check and await the results.

Training and Certification

After successfully completing the application process, you can begin your training and certification for alcohol delivery through Shipt. The training program is designed to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding alcohol delivery. It covers topics such as checking IDs, handling and storing alcohol properly, and recognizing signs of intoxication. The certification process involves completing online modules, quizzes, and a final exam to test your knowledge. Once you pass the certification exam, you will receive your alcohol delivery certification, which will allow you to deliver alcohol as a Shipt shopper. The table below provides an overview of the training and certification process:

Training and Certification Process
Complete online modules
Take quizzes to test your knowledge
Pass the final certification exam
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Completing a Test Delivery

Once certified, you can demonstrate your proficiency by successfully making a test delivery with alcohol as a Shipt shopper. To complete a test delivery, follow these steps:

  1. Accept the test order: When a test order becomes available, accept it promptly to secure the opportunity to showcase your skills.
  2. Review the order details: Carefully read through the order details to ensure you understand the specific requirements and any special instructions.
  3. Prepare the order: Gather all the items listed in the order and ensure they are securely packaged for transportation.
  4. Deliver the order: Arrive at the designated delivery location within the specified time frame. Verify the recipient's age and identity before handing over the alcohol.

Maintaining Alcohol Certification

To stay alcohol certified as a Shipt shopper, you must regularly demonstrate your ability to responsibly handle and deliver alcohol orders. This includes following all local and state laws regarding the sale and delivery of alcohol. Shipt requires shoppers to complete a refresher course every two years to ensure they are up to date on any changes in regulations. Additionally, shoppers are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and customer service when delivering alcohol orders. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in the revocation of your alcohol certification. It is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of both yourself and the customers you serve. By consistently demonstrating responsible alcohol handling and delivery, you can maintain your alcohol certification and continue to provide excellent service to Shipt customers.

Requirement Frequency Purpose
Complete refresher course Every 2 years Stay updated on regulations
Follow local and state laws Always Ensure legal compliance
Provide excellent customer service With each delivery Ensure customer satisfaction
Handle alcohol responsibly Every delivery Promote safety and well-being
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To summarize, getting alcohol certified for Shipt requires meeting eligibility requirements, applying, completing training and certification, and successfully delivering a test order. It is important to maintain alcohol certification to continue offering this service. By following these steps, you can ensure compliance and provide customers with a convenient way to have alcohol delivered to their doorstep.